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iPhone download update

BY JKV admin

| JK Updates

It finally happened! All the technological pieces came together and now iPhones can have the same download fluidity as Androids. Woohoo! Please review the below iPhone screen shots to help navigate your new JK video download experience. 


I Can't Find My Videos!

BY Joanna Strychalski

| JK Tips

A common question we get during the show week is, " I've searched for my videos but I can't find any" or "I'm missing a video".

If you and your horse parted ways...... then you must contact us to get your video. We do not sell fall videos but will send them to you for free. It's bad enough you fell, we don't want everyone to watch it on repeat!!

If you're missing one or two videos please contact us! You might have this problem if we are behind on uploading videos to the website or your videos have been mislabeled. Rarely do we miss a ride!

If you can't find any of your videos, there's a few reasons this is happening. You're searching the wrong show, the horse isn't linked to your name, or we haven't updated the data for your rider number.

JK's Tip #1: Be sure that the correct show is selected when searching for your videos.

JK's Tip #2: Try searching by only one criteria at a time. Don't select the horse, the class, and the rider name all at the same time. Searching by horse name is the most affective way to find your video.

JK's Tip #3: If you still can't find your video, please contact us immediately so we can be sure that your videos are posted as quickly as possible. We may not have added your rider data due to a late entry and your information would help us get your videos posted faster.

Thank you and follow us for more tips and tricks.


How do i share videos with friends?

BY Joanna Strychalski

| JK Tips

Now that you have the video in your possession, it would be super cool to share it with friends! Adding the video to Facebook and Instagram is super easy and exactly the same as adding a video you had taken with your own phone, but emailing videos to friends is impossible! The videos are too big for texting and emailing.

JK's Tip #1: Download WhatsApp! This is a fancy app that is basically texting over wifi. Make sure your friend has WhatsApp and together you can send any sized video or picture you want with no pixelation.

JK's Tip #2: Use Google Drive. Google Drive is basically a large folder that you can use to drop a video into, right click, copy link, and then you can email or text the link to whomever you like.


Video Download Fail for Desktop Computer


| JK Tips

Dear fellow tech challenged riders out there,

The most common saying we hear is "I am not tech savvy".  Trust us when we say that neither are we, and if JK can learn new tricks along our JK journey, so can you! JK is here to share their tips and tricks that we have learned, since sometimes it seems our technology is out to get us....and trust us, it is! Let us help you navigate the ridiculous and the annoying fact that there will always be tech issues but hopefully with JK's new JK Tips we can alleviate some of the ridiculousness and allow you to feel more comfortable and knowledgable when reaching out to us for assistance. 

JK's Tip #1: If your download failed to your Mac computer, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! Recently there have been some browser updates with Safari and FireFox that we have not kept up with. But we are currently working on this issue. In the meantime, please use Google Chrome as your default browser to download videos, and DON'T FORGET to contact us so we can reset your video and/or send you a Google Drive link.

JK's Tip #2: If your download failed to your PC computer, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! (Or is it...?) Please make sure you are using Google Chrome, and even if you are using Google Chrome and your download failed, you might just have a really old PC with really sad internet. (Maybe a new computer is in order for the year 2021.) Please CONTACT us so we can send you a Google Drive link to help with your download to your ancient device.



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